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Nowadays, It's getting harder and harder to know the truth. 3Trees is a project to collect
based on tree structure information with network relations. The objects of this project are correct knowledge and neutral opinion. There can be many mistakes. So, please start a discussion which results from
to construct 3Threes. And there is also subjective opinion, so we want to get many feedbacks from you. thanks for visiting. We believe this way of sharing will improve our ability of
Problem Solving

Problem Solving

In the contemporary era in most countries, there is little threat of starving and surviving problems. So main life objects are usually the things that are deeply relevant to
Problem Solving
. First, to find a problem (which can be a life object), we need to know the state of the art of that domain. For that reason, finding a problem is most hard work. First, reading the thesis will tell us the most an advanced research. Find or make unsolved problem or bad solution, and answer it by a combination of other solutions with your
& originality.

Originality & Invention

It is tiring to live moderately. Competition is stressful. Make your flow make
fluent. Completeness gives us originality and Invention. That means we should work hard and have a competition to make an invention. It is basic work for making
by a combination of the invention.

Creativity & Innovation

Nowadays, requirement for genius is not the brain-storage size or searching speed. The criteria of the smart
is creativity. Since the upper two property of ability is not comparable to the machine in its talent. So collect and coalesce. Creativity is the ability to combine awesome works. A mixture of an invention makes innovation which mainly changes the world.


The main purpose of a question is To Answer & Fix it. So if you do ask, predict the answer will come. if not, then reverse question (not to null or reverse) or change expression (negative to positive). Please read the link below, and comment anywhere. is the only way to convey personal thoughts.

3 Trees Rules

  • All pages should have a unique name for easy search.
  • Page naming is deeply related to 3tree’s page tree structure, so they should have consistency.
  • All collections like table or gallery blocks are recommended to have plural naming.
  • By default, 3trees use Gallery as the main collection view
  • Templates
    maintain Gallery template for 3trees’ tree structure.
  • The default 3trees language is English. Please comment for translation or grammar.


Anybody can contribute by participating or donating.


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